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At you can get thermal anemometers as well as hot wire anemometers. We also deal in different probe, type, function, accuracy and working principle of vane anemometers.

Get thermal and hot wire anemometer sensor, applications and price from authorized distributors in Pakistan. We provide cash on delivery service all over Pakistan including karachi, lahore, multan, peshawar, quetta, faisalabad and other cities.

The minimum anemometer price in pakistan is 2,450 and the estimated average of price is 11,900
Product NamePrice
Uni-T UT363 Mini AnemometerRs. 2,450/- 
Smart Sensor AR-816 Pocket AnemometerRs. 2,500/- 
Benetech GM816 Digital Wind Speed AnemometerRs. 3,000/- 
Uni-T UT363BT Mini AnemometerRs. 3,200/- 
Benetech GM8901 Digital Air Flow AnemometerRs. 8,800/- 
DT-318 Flexible Thermo AnemometerRs. 10,200/- 
Mastech MS6252B Digital Anemometer With Temperature/HumidityRs. 10,500/- 
Standard Instruments ST-618 Thermo AnemometerRs. 11,900/- 
Lutron LM-8000 4-In-1 InstrumentRs. 24,400/- 
Prova AVM-03 Thermo AnemometerRs. 25,500/- 
Mastech MS6252B Digital Anemometer with Temperature/Humidity
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Brand: Mastech Model: MTAN-15
FEATURES:This meter is a digital anemometer for measuring the ambient temperature, humidity, dew point temperature, wet bulb temperature, wind speed and air volume. It is a portable and professional measuring instrument with large-screen LCD backlight and multi-unit switchingApplications:..
Brand: Fluke Model: MTAN-11
OVERVIEW:Today’s HVAC technicians want a simple solution for diagnosing ventilation issues. Differential pressure measurements only tell part of the story. Technicians also want to measure air velocity and flow, without having to resort to expensive, difficult to use, specialist tools. The F..
Brand: Fluke Model: SDLS-543
OVERVIEW:The Fluke 925 is an economical and durable vane anemometer designed to measure wind speed, airflow, and wind temperature conveniently. With a separate airflow sensor and display, the Fluke 925 provides the user the flexibility to measure air flow in a variety of locations. Vane anemometers ..
Lutron ABH4224 Cup Anemometer
Brand: Lutron Model: MTAN-12
FEATURE:Air velocity : 0.9 to 35.0 m/s, ft/min., km/h, mile/h, knots. Barometer : 10 to 1100 hPa, mmHg, inHg. Humidity : 10% to 95% RH, Dew. Temperature : 0 to 50 oC, oC/ oF. All in one, handheld type. Cup type probe, no wind direction. Hold, Record (max., min.). D..
Lutron AM-4200 Digital Anemometer
Brand: Lutron Model: MTAN-10
FEATURES:High quality with the economical cost.    Pocket & compact housing case.Separate probe, convenient for the remote measurement.Low-friction ball vane wheels is accurate in both high & low velocities.Multi-functions for air flow mea..
Lutron AM-4203HA Anemometer/Air Flow Meter (W/Temperature)
Brand: Lutron Model: MTAM-290
FEATURES:0.4 to 25.0 m/s, (m/s. ft/min, km/h, knots miles/h)Low friction ball bearing vaneMin/Max memory recall functionMicroprocessor circuit ensures high accuracy and provides special functions and features.Super large LCD display with contrast adjustment for best viewing angle.Dual function displ..
LUTRON AM-4206 Digital Portable Anemometer
In Stock
Brand: Lutron Model: MTAN-01
OVERVIEW:Thermistor sensor for temp. measurement, fast response time, Low-friction ball vane wheels is accurate in both high & low velocities, Record maximum and minimum reading with recall, Used the durable, long-lasting components, including a strong, lightweight ABS-plastic housing c..
Model: SDLS-776
OVERVIEW:Explore, Get the latest HoldPeak & other electronic components at a discounted price in Pakistan with free cash on delivery service across Pakistan. We provide HoldPeak at official prices from distributors and dealers in Pakistan...
Brand: Hti Model: SDLS-582
OVERVIEW:Explore, Get the latest HTI & other electronic components at a discounted price in Pakistan with free cash on delivery service across Pakistan. We provide HTI at official prices from distributors and dealers in Pakistan.Features:slim probe, ideal for grilles & ..
Brand: TES Model: MTAN-02
OVERVIEW:Sensitive and accurate (ultra low friction jewel bearing)Air velocity (unit: m/s, ft/min, knots, km/hr)Ergonomic and easy-to-use designRead while measuring (detached vane)Detachable 52mm (diameter) vane headLarge 17mm 3 ½ digits LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)2-meter coiled cable and mounting ..
Brand: TES Model: MTAN-03
OVERVIEW:Flow (CFM, CMM)Instant/Ave/ 2/3 Vmax Flow MeasurementVelocity m/s, ft/min, knots, km/hr, mphLCD Dual Displaydeg;C/°FMax/Min/HoldAuto Power offEasy to useDocument:Prova AVM-05 Thermo Anemometer..
Brand: Standard Instruments Model: MTAN-04
OVERVIEW:16 inch Gooseneck detector is easy to measure the hard-to-reach areasAir Velocity and Temperature measurements displayed on multi-functionFull 4-digit display of air velocity in m/s, ft/min, km/h, MPH and knotsºC/ºF Temperature measurement via built-in thermistorData Hold and Min/Max Rec. f..
Brand: SMART SENSOR Model: SSAR-05
OVERVIEW:An anemometer is a device used for measuring wind speed, and is a common weather station instrument. "Anemos", meaning wind, and is used to describe any air speed measurement instrument used in meteorology or aerodynamics.Anemometers are widely used in different fields, such as heating, ven..
Brand: Standard Instruments Model: MTAN-05
OVERVIEW:Designed to provide fast and accurate air velocity and temperature readings.Separate rotating vane anemometer sensorType K sensor for temperature measurementsLarge 3½" digit LCD readoutData hold and Max hold functionsIncludes soft carrying case and batteries..
Brand: TES Model: MTAN-06
OVERVIEW:Fast Response Probe.Air Flow VolumeInstant / Avg / 2/3 Vmax Flow Measurement.Velocity m/s, ft/min, knots, km/hr, mph.Data hold & Maximum / Minimum function.Manual data memory and read function (10 x 99 sets).LCD triple display.Auto power off function ON / OFF Time setting.Backlight func..
Brand: Standard Instruments Model: MTAN-08
OVERVIEW:Highly sensitive and accurateEasy-to-use design3 1/2 digit LCD displayLow power consumptionData hold and MAX hold functionLow battery indicationDisplay Air Flow or Air velocity with temperature simultaneously20 points average for airflowContinuous moving average for up to 2 hoursLow frictio..
Brand: TES Model: MTAN-09
OVERVIEW:Flow (CFM, CMM)Instant/Ave/ 2/3 Vmax Flow MeasurementVelocity m/s, ft/min, knots, km/hr, mphLCD Dual Display°C/°FRS-232 (AVM-07)Max/Min/HoldAuto Power offEasy to useMemory Of 2000 Records..
Lutron AM-4204 Hot Wire Anemometer
Brand: Lutron Model: MTAN-07
OVERVIEW:Includes telescopic sensor head suits air and gas flow measurement in pipes or ductsDual display of velocity and temperature0.2m/s to 20m/s rangeMin, max & display hold functions5 selectable display unitsZero function Features:0...
TES 1341 Hot Wire Anemometer
Brand: TES Model: MTAN-14
OVERVIEW:Fast Response Probe.Air Flow Volume.Instant / Avg / 2/3 Vmax Flow Measurement.Velocity m/s, ft/min, knots, km/hr, mph.Temperature & Humidity measurement.Calculate Dew point temperature, Wet bulbtemperature, Wind chill temperature, Humidextemperature and Heat index temperature.Data hold ..
Lutron LM-8000A 4 in 1 Anemometer, Humidity, Light Meter, Thermometer
Brand: Lutron Model: MTAN-19
OVERVIEW:4 in 1 Professional measuring instrument: Anemometer, Hygrometer, Thermometer and Light meter.Tiny bone shape with lightweight and small size case design are suitable for handling one hand.Wristlet design provides extra protection to the instrument especially for user one hand operation.Low..
Fluke 922 Kit / Airflow Meter Micromanometer
Brand: Fluke Model: MTAN-20
OVERVIEW:Today’s HVAC technicians want a simple solution for diagnosing ventilation issues. Differential pressure measurements only tell part of the story. Technicians also want to measure air velocity and flow, without having to resort to expensive, difficult to use, specialist tools. The Fluke 922..
Brand: Extech Model: MTAM-0838
OVERVIEW:The AN500 is a Hot Wire CFM/CMM Thermo-Anemometer. This Thermo-Anemometer comes with Automatic Temperature Compensation and a Telescoping Probe. New sensor technology delivers major improvements in durability and ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) for accurate in-duct Air Velocity mea..
Testo 405i Smart & Wireless Hot-wire Anemometer
Model: MTAM-0839
OVERVIEW:The testo 405i Smart Probe is a wireless instrument for measuring air flow velocity, temperature, and volume flow.  It is equipped with a telescopic shaft, which extends to 15” for easy in-duct testing. You can reliably determine timed and multipoint flow traverses.Users can read the m..
Brand: BENETECH Model: SDLS-95
OVERVIEW:The digital multifunctional anemometer is a professional instrument for the measurement of wind speed, temperature, and humidity. It is designed for wind speed measurement in various environments, such as wind speed measurement engineering, quality control, and health control. It is applied..
Brand: BENETECH Model: SDLS-96
FEATURES:Measure current wind speed, temperature and humidity.Measurement of current air volume, temperature and humidity.Measure wind speed/ MAX wind flow/min wind flow.2/3 wind flow value/ average value.Wind speed/flow units and temperature units selection.Backlight and data holding(HOLD). Lo..
Uni-T UT361 Anemometer
Brand: UNI-T Model: SDLS-262
OVERVIEW:UT360 series anemometers can measure temperature, wind speed, and wind count. Applications:These meters can be used in energy saving, HVAC, fishing and other industries that use exhaust or ventilation systems.Features:Data hold, LCD backlight℃/℉ selectableAuto power off (cancelable)2044..
Brand: UNI-T Model: SDLS-258
OVERVIEW:UT363S is a stable, safe and reliable split-type anemometer, featuring quick detection, low consumption and high accuracy.Applications:It can be widely used in mining, electric, iron and steel, petrochemical, energy-saving, navigation, fan manufacturing, exhaust ventilation, sporting and mo..
Brand: BENETECH Model: MTAM-0308
OVERVIEW:This unit is an ideal tool for windsurfing, sailing, fishing, kite flying and mountaineering. You can also use it for industrial and home purposes such as measuring wind speed and temperature of CPU, computer fans, air-conditioners, air blowers, etc. This BENETECH GM816 Mini Pocket-..
Brand: UNI-T Model: MTAM-0573
OVERVIEW:The UNI-T UT362 wind speed meter can be used to quickly gain an overall reading of wind speed passing through the devices' attached vane.The anemometer has some remarkable features. It contains a dual display, which makes it possible to measure the air velocity/airflow and air temperature a..
Uni-T UT363 Mini Anemometer
Brand: UNI-T Model: MTAM-0578
OVERVIEW:The UNI-T UT363 mini anemometer is a compact, safe and reliable anemometer. With this meter, is it possible to measure the wind speed, temperature and windchill. The wind speed can be measured in m/s, Beaufort scale, km/h, ft/min, knots and Mph and the temperature can be measured in °C and ..
Brand: UNI-T Model: MTAM-0679
OVERVIEW:The UT363BT are leading mini wind speed and temperature meters and measure wind speeds up to 30m/s .The UT363BT can transfer measurement data through bluetooth to UNI-T's custom mobile APP (iENV) for further analysis, storage, and export. iENV can be downloaded from Google Play, Apple Store..
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